I miss you intensely.

The last rays of the ray gun dissipated into lost energy as it sat in the holster at my side. I heard the final hiss as the power supply gave out. It occurred to me moments later that I was completely unarmed, with my only defense the wall of red sandstone I managed to crawl behind. I knew in the back of my mind that sooner rather than later I would be exposed to the elements, which included but were not limited to sharp winds, excruciating heat, and the consequences of lying. Through the cracks of the crumbling wall, I steadied my gaze on the fading horizon as the sun extinguished itself in the ocean.

Judgment looms nigh.


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There are moments in my life that I believe if everyone in the world experienced with me would drastically change the course of everyone’s life. But these moments are few and far between. And the beauty and agony of life remains in the transience of it and all it entangles.

No matter what happens, you gotta forget about all the other stuff. You gotta forget about logic, and fear, and doubt. You just gotta do everything you can to get to the one woman who’s gonna make all this worth it. At the end of the day, you gotta jump.
James Duncan Halpert

I woke up in a sweat after running for hours in a dream. I wasn’t going anywhere important, but everyone else was heading in the same direction. And it wasn’t the running that made me sweat. It wasn’t the mass of people that seemed to keep jostling each other aside to get to wherever it was we were all trying to get to. No, it was seeing you. Seeing you in a crowd of thousands. Just a glimpse of your face took me away for a moment, and in that moment I felt a strange sense of calm and clarity. And I believe it was returning from that instance to the nudging of countless elbows, and the difficulty of attaining that sense of peace again, that made me sweat. And now I was running for a different reason. I was running because I knew you’d be at the finish line, and that would be when I could see you again, and all would be restored to calm and clarity.

Can there really be only one that can fill this void.


If I’m able to, then perhaps I’ll be closer to portraying a true expression of love.

-Hayao Miyazaki (x)


journey through history

Oh god how I miss undergrad! Not just the fact that I could be an irresponsible son of a gun and get away with it, but also all the memories crammed into four of the most exciting years of my life. I miss running around with my favorite college dropout, listening to his words of earthly wisdom, treading through snow and slush to get Subway at Walmart, watching movies in the library and just dicking around in general. I miss being in Scotland, having the best dorm room hands down (best bed, personal bathroom, regular room cleaning, unlimited food), being so close to Arthur’s Seat, walking down to Princes Street to shop, to drink, to rollerblade, up Carlton Hill to see the snow-covered rooftops of the city below, hitchhiking across the kingdom, seeing sights and breathing in life and wonder and awe. I miss my summer in Japan, my soul-searching journey around that beautiful and delicious country. I miss returning to Trinity as if I never left. I miss the nights, the late nights, the early mornings of fog and mist and sudden clarity of where I was and who I was and what I thought I wanted. I miss packing to leave Trinity, the thrill of returning home to Arcadia, the short stays in my hometown a whirlwind of catchups and revisitations. I miss the constant touring through Vietnam, the pleasant stay in Singapore, and the finish line in Malaysia. I miss the wildlife of Australia, the beaches, the food, the feeling of home and comfort and stability in a place that couldn’t be further from home and comfort and stability. I miss my final year ‘neath the elms of our good ‘ole Trinity, a roller coaster of hopes and dreams and passions and futures and new beginnings, of sweet endings and heartbreaking goodbyes, of hot chocolates and snowflakes, warm hands and blankets, summer dresses and fields of green. We were young, wild, and eternal. The universe could have collapsed in on itself, and we would’ve thrown a party about it and danced until the end, and it would’ve been perfect.

I miss the people.

I miss the love.

Will life ever be that good again?

The thing about being an unstoppable force is that you can really only enjoy the experience of being one when you have something to bash yourself against. You need to have things trying to stop you so that you can get a better sense of how fast you are going as you smash through them.